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OIC Conference on “I Principi contabili per le SME” held in Rome

Today, a conference on “I Principi contabili per le SME (Small and Medium Entities)” was held in Rome at the CNEL offices.

The convention was structured in three sessions. During the first session, Dott. Zurzolo, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of OIC, and Prof. Provasoli, Chairman of the Executive Committee of OIC, spoke about some current problems regarding accounting regulations and providing information on the role and the activity of the OIC.

The second session focused on the report by Mr. G. Gèlard, IASB member, on the development of accounting standards for SMEs.

A round table on “L’applicazione dei principi previsti per le SME alla imprese italiane: prospettive e profili critici” was held in the last session. It was coordinated by Prof. Bruno, and dott. A. Casò, chairman of the Technical-Scientific Committee of OIC, dott. C. De Conto, prof. A. Giussani, prof.ssa L. Mariniello Fiume, dott. R. Monachino, prof. F. Vermiglio and  dott. F. Roscini Vitali attended.

Please find the documentation herewith attached.

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